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Elected Grand Chapter Officers
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Myra Grand Chapter Elected Officers
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1307 Eutaw Place
Baltimore, MD 21217

410-669-5949 (fax)
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Elected Grand Chapter Officers

Grand Worthy Matron Lillie M. Jones (11)

Grand Worthy PatronJeffery M. Jones (85)

Grand Associate MatronBarbara J. Henderson (85)

Grand Associate PatronRobert Perry (16)

Grand ConductressCarmen Kearney (20)

  Grand Associate Conductress

Grand TreasurerAdele E. Osborne (20)

Grand SecretaryJuanita Brinkley-Hall (11)

Grand Financial SecretaryPM Robbie Skinner (36)

Grand Assistant SecretaryPM Jeanette Randall (25)

Grand Chairman of TrusteesPM Cecilia Vandervall (41)

Grand Trustee in the SouthPM Desirae Williams (25)

Grand Trustee in the NorthPM Barbara Peace (11)

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To increase our presence in the community.
To increase the membership of constituent chapters
Strengthen relationships with city and state elected officials.
Promote love and mutual respect between our Masonic Brothers and sisters